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The Black Rose -- Washington DC 1997

By Rose V.

Genitorture is the act of focusing your play on the genitals for pain/pleasure. Those who play with females often use the terms Cunt Torture or Cunt Play and those who play with males often refer to CBT -- Cock and Ball Torture. While they all sound ominous, these scene can be done with novices as well as those who like to play on the far edge as long as you know your partnerís level and your own skills.

To properly prepare for genital play, one must first be aware of the safety issues and precautions in general and specific to these activities.

Safe sex should be your watchword with whomever and wherever you play. A healthy supply of gloves, dental dams and condoms should be the first things you pack for a genitorture scene. While you may play only with your body-fluids-monogamous partner, be aware that you are leaving her/his fluids on the equipment you use. Be prepared to clean up after your scene. If the host does not provide cleaning supplies, keep a bottle of alcohol or some cleaning antiseptic in your bag. Bring a tarp, sheet or large towel to place under you bottomís bottom.

Most large parties have safe sex trash receptacles for used gloves and condoms. If one is not provided, be sure to take care in depositing such articles. I keep a plastic grocery type bag that I use for disposal of such things. Be sure to tie it tightly and either deposit it in the garbage can yourself, or ask your host what s/he prefers you do with the bag.


Bodily fluids are not just ejaculate and blood. Donít forget sweat, pus, saliva piss and shit. Sticking an uncovered hand inside a bodily orifice is dangerous to both players. We seldom notice the tiny nicks and scratches on our skin that are so often present. Cover all insertables with condoms or make them one-person-only toys. If you allow others to play with your bottom -- protect him or her. Be sure to insist that invitees use gloves, condoms and lube.

Blood has some special considerations of its own in these activities. The insides of the vagina and anus are made of very delicate tissue. Long and/or rough fingernails can cause scratches and cuts that not only can be uncomfortable, but can also make both parties susceptible to infection. Be sure to file you nails well before inserting you hand in anyone -- even if you are wearing a glove. Nails can tear gloves. Women with long nails look sexy, but can be dangerous in unintended ways. Put cotton balls in the fingertips of your gloves before putting them on to protect yourself and your partner.


If you play with women, there is another issue that becomes important --menstruation. Should you or shouldnít you? You certainly may do so from a safety perspective, but consider your partner. Some women cannot bear any type of pressure in the vaginal area or to the nipples when they have their periods. Be sensitive to their conditions if you want to play with them again.

Some players find that using menstruating women just as they would at other times of the month strengthens and reasserts ownership issues and rights. If the sub is contracted to you, and your contract does not prohibit such play, you can take your pleasure with the sub anytime. Many women find it incredible humiliating. Imagine being strapped to a table at a party and having you Dom pull the Tampax from your cunt in front of everyone there!


There is one other issue that involves blood safety -- the shaved pussy or cock. Shaved is beautiful, humiliating. It makes one more sensitive, vulnerable. But it can also be more dangerous. Every time we shave, we leave tiny cuts and open spots on the skin. It is as easy to cut oneself when shaving a pussy as it is when shaving a face. This is merely another reason to use safe sex precautions. BTW, some consider genital shaving scenes part of genitorture -- and they are, but I believe shaving is a scene unto itself and will not cover any other specifics here.


Keeping your genitorture toys and devices clean is a must. I keep big sealable plastic bags marked used in my toy bag. Whenever I use one of my implements on someone, I store it in the used bag so I know it needs to be cleaned.

If you have access to an autoclave, be sure to steam your toys after every use. There are other methods as well. You can boil metal toys in plain water for 20 minutes. There are also cold sterilization products on the market such as Wavicide. If all else fails, a 10-1 water and bleach solution is also acceptable. Remember though, that the HIV virus is fragile and easily destroyed, but hepatitis is a lot hardier.

You can always avoid the need for special cleaning if you have one-person-toys. If you only play with one partner, this may not be greatly expensive; however, for those of us who play with lots of folks, it is usually cheaper to simply keep cleaning products available.

Finally we come to our friend -- lube. One can never have or use enough lube when doing certain genitorture scenes. I cannot stress the need for lube enough. Always use more than you think you need. It wipes off. Lube can make your job easier. Lube helps you avoid internal injuries to your partner. If a sub finds that a dreaded activity (such as anal fisting) isnít so bad because you used lots of lube, s/he is much more likely to want to try it again.

One precaution, some women can develop vaginal infections if lube isnít washed off soon after a scene. If you enjoy the humiliation of the cleaning scene, use washcloths and warm soapy water. If not, send you sub to clean herself once you have both "come down" from the scene.


There are several other pre-scene issues that are important to understand. As with all BDSM activities, TRUST is essential to genitorture. After all, the bottom is placing his/her most sensitive and important parts at the mercy of the top. It takes a lot of trust to be able to do that.

Establishing trust enough to get your partner to consent to genitorture is good, but that trust must be maintained. We often find our partners are willing in the abstract, but become frightened, overwhelmed or unbearably uncomfortable in reality. Maintaining voice connection throughout your scene is helpful to the bottom. Talk to him/her.

Remind your partner that it gives you pleasure to do what you are doing. Tell her she is soooo brave. Tell him how hot he makes you. Listen to your bottomís breathing, sighs and moans. Watch body language. This can be very intense play. Sometimes a clip or clamp can be very annoying where it is placed, but can quickly become pleasurable if moved a fraction of an inch.

My friend Nancy always asks, "Which hurts more? When I put it here? Or here?" Depending on her bottom, she may use the more painful spot or the least painful one. Either way, when playing a new scene for you or for your partner, it always helps to explore what is good and what is bad either as you go along, or in post mortem snuggling discussions.


Vulnerability is a big factor in genitorture. My scenes often involve exposing a body completely -- shaved, arms outstretched above the head, legs spread and bound with knees slightly bent, cunt lips held back with some nasty device. It makes my partner extremely vulnerable and open to the eyes, ears and touch of anyone (at least in her mind) who is present. That fear, and the fear of the unknown act which will soon be done upon her/his body increases the intensity of the genitorture scene.

Atmosphere is very important when doing a genitorture scene. You want to create the right mix of comfort and apprehension to add drama and pleasure to your scene. The first consideration is temperature of the room. Always think of the bottom first. You may get warm and sweaty during an intense scene, but make the room comfortably warm for their naked, fearful bottom. If your partner is too cold or too hot s/he can drop out of subspace quickly and not care a twit for what you are doing.

Lighting is equally important. Candles and ambient lighting make a romantic setting for torture. Harsh overhead lighting can add to the feeling of a laboratory or clinic for medical scenes. Either way, what is important is that the top has enough light to see what s/he is doing and the results thereof. I used to carry a flashlight in my genitorture bag until two Christmases ago, when someone gave me a lamp attached to a head harness which looks something like an old miners light. It slips right over my head and the light sits on my forehead and is adjustable. It gives me perfect spotting on the area on which I am working and allows me to play these scenes in soft atmospheric lighting.


Because of the intimate nature of genitorture scenes, one must consider where to do the scene. Should it be done privately where just the two of you can enjoy it, or are you exhibitionists? Do s/he like to have people watch? Do you enjoy showing off your treasured sub and what s/he will take for you? One way to accomplish both is to blindfold your sub and tell her/him that you have invited several others to come in and watch and (maybe) participate. I am an exhibitionist and I love showing off subs, but I usually save genitorture for smaller gatherings or for one on one play. Whichever you prefer, demand proper behavior from those around. Donít let anyone comment loudly or insult your sub (unless humiliation is part of your scene) and by all means preclude anyone except those you may invite from touching your sub.


It is mandatory for the top to be familiar with the anatomy s/he will be playing with. Get some good books and study the structure of cocks and cunts. You need to know what the various parts are, how they function and what they are called. It is much more fun to open a woman wide with a speculum and exclaim "Oh, what a pretty smiling cervix you have," then to say "nice cunt." A lot of men have never seen the inside of a woman. When I do demos, I often invite the gathering to come up and examine my modelís private parts and I let them wear my light so they can get a good look. Most are amazed and ask very good questions.

If you play with women, you are going to want to pay particular attention to the clitoris. Once again we are all different. Some are big and bright, others shy and small. Some sit right out in the open and others have to be coaxed. Take your time learning about your partnerís clit. Observe her every reaction. Some womenís clits have a tendency to "run away" or "hide." If this happens, donít despair; be patient. Take the time to gently excite her. Tease her lips, lick her a few times, whatever it takes to get her really turned on and relaxed. Once you do, that little clit will come back for more!

Just as we are all slightly different anatomically, we all have different levels of intensity we can tolerate on our clits. Some women can only bear the lightest touch and others want heavy handling, biting and sucking. Find out what works best if the intent of your scene is pleasure rather than punishment. Quite honestly, genitorture should never, in my opinion, be used as punishment for an errant sub or slave. It is too risky.


Obviously, playing with men requires similar knowledge of the cock and balls. Take the time to get to know your partnerís cock. They vary maybe even more than clits. Men also vary in how much actual stimulation they can bear on their cocks and balls. Some love heavy squeezing on the cock but can only take the lightest of touches on the balls. Some love heavy ball torture, but only light teasing on the cock itself. A lot may depend on whether the cock is cut or not. The extra skin on an intact cock adds some protection from painful stimulation.

Donít forget -- breasts are genis (thatís my affectionate name for genitals) too! Use the whole body when preparing a genitorture scene. Plan for tit torture as well as for the lower genis. The same precautions for differences in anatomy and sensitivity apply to breasts too.


Penetration by object or body part is often a major part of genitorture. Be sure that your partner is ready before you insert anything. Once again -- use your lube! Start small. If you want to use butt plugs, try a small one first and work up. Men, remember that most of you have BIG hands. Womenís vaginas and the anuses of both sexes need a little time to work up to being fisted. Take your time. You do not have to do everything the first scene.

Sometimes penetration is painful not because the object is too big, but because the bottom is not primed. If you find that to be the case, back off trying insertion and begin stimulating the outside of the area again, gently adding a finger or two as you go along. With patience, youíll be successful.


Genitorture scenes are not something to be rushed through. Set aside enough time for both of you to thoroughly enjoy yourselves. Comfort is important -- you are both going to be there awhile.

Position your partner so s/her may relax and maintain a comfortable posture. How flexible is s/he? Some bottoms can hold themselves in poses that look terribly painful to others. Some need bondage to maintain position. Donít forget to check on extremities held for long periods of time in one place. Massaging the muscles even while the body is bound can lessen stiffness.

Give yourself comfort too. I like a small stool or chair sometimes because I have arthritis in my left foot. I also like to move around and pay attention to the whole body so nothing feels neglected. I need to plan my space to give myself enough room to get around my partner.


Where should these scenes be done? How should the body be positioned? I prefer my partner supine, but a sitting bottom can have her/his genis tortured just as well. There are many surfaces that work well for genitorture. Medical tables, bondage tables and massage tables are excellent. Slings are very nice because not only do they give you full access, they have the added stimulation of suspension which adds to the intensity and the vulnerability felt by the bottom. Beds can be used quite well as long as you position yourselves for best access and comfort. Couches are acceptable if that is all you have, but they do not afford as much access. If all else fails, you an also use the floor.

I take care that the surface of the table or whatever I am using is not causing any discomfort. Cold metal can be a bother; wood may cause splinters. Blankets, sheets, towels and tarps are not only good for safety reasons, they also help make your sub more comfortable and that helps him/her last longer. I often put a pillow under the sub's head too.


Genitorture can be done merely with the hands, tongue and mouth; however, the more intense, stimulating scenes often require the right tools for the task. There are many categories of equipment that lend themselves to this type of play.

My favorite is medical toys. If you are going to play with a woman, you need to invest in a speculum. Better yet, by a box of disposable plastic ones. If you donít know what it is, a speculum is a duckbill shaped instrument that scissors open to spread and hold open the vagina. They come in many sizes from juvenile to extra large. They are hideously humiliating to most women.

I use lots of forceps too. These are great as clamps. I often attach four pair of forceps to the outer lips and tie them down to the table with rope or string through the finger holes. They also work great as stimulators. Most are thin, long and easily slide into a vagina or anus. Once inside, they can be opened a little or a lot and gently run around the inner walls or rubbed across a clit. Be sure of your edges -- sharp is bad! If you want to tone down the intensity of your forceps, you can dip the tips in liquid rubber.

For men, sounds and catheters are excellent choices. A nice set of sounds may be expensive, but try using the thinner ones to insert in the urethra. One of the most amazing scenes I ever witnessed involved a substitute for a sound. The Domme inserted a long rubber fishing lure into her sub's urethra, then began to masturbate him. When she ordered him to come, the lure shot out across the room.


I use piercing as genitorture sometimes, so needles are good equipment to have. Tuning forks are fun -- especially used in concert with forceps. Insert the forceps and open them, or attach to the lips. Tap the tuning fork to begin the ringing and gently touch it to the forceps and watch the vibrations drive your sub crazy. Neurowheels (Wartenburg wheels) are one of the best toys you can own for any scene. Running those sharp little needles over tender flesh always gets a reaction.

There are many electrical medical devices that are good for genitorture. I use my TENS unit just above the vaginal slit of a women while doing other stimulation. With men, suctioning the TENS ends to the balls is intensely stimulating.

For those who love role-play, having surgical gowns, caps, shoe covers and other medical accouterments in the room, adds to the reality when you are doing a medical experiment/torture scene.


One can never have too many clips and clamps. Their variety of shape, color, textures and purpose make them excellent for varying the intensity and duration of a scene. Adding weights to clamps on nipples, lips, clits (not for the faint of heart) or balls is often part of a genitorture scene.

I have a variety of ropes, thongs, strings and ribbons for geni play. Stronger fabrics like ropes for general bondage and lighter ones for tying open forceps, tying around balls, lips, and the occasional clit. Use your imagination. Make pretty, painful packages of your slaves!


Cock rings, ball stretchers and crushes are de rigeuer for CBT. Parachutes make great weight holders and the kinds with prickers inside add to the pain that you may wish to inflict.

Dildos, vibrators and butt plugs are a requirement for my genitorture scenes. One of my favorite scenes with a woman is to put her in bondage, tie her lips open, tease her lips with various stimuli, insert ben wah balls or eggs into her open cunt and then use a vibrator on her externally, forbidding orgasm for long periods of time.


Flagellation toys are lots of fun, but must be used with care. It is not safe to use your wickedest cane on a cock, or your thuddiest flogger on female breasts. Choose cunt or cock whips instead. Shorter, less dense tails can sting but with lesser impact on the more sensitivity parts. I have little ones in leather, plastic, suede and rubber that I only use for genital impact.

At BR we do a whole lecture on playing in the kitchen. Suffice it to say that there are many household items that are excellent genitorture devices. Lemon squeezers, nutcrackers, skewers, snail tongs, wooden tongs, chopsticks and rubber bands are great. Abrasion is a wicked form of pain/pleasure. Use cheese or ginger graters on tender vaginal lips or balls. Emory paper pasted to a paint stirrer can be run over nipples, cockheads, lips, etc. for incredible stimulation.


Taking away some senses and increasing the stimulation of others is always a great addition to any scene. To force a sub to be more sensitive to touch, insert earplugs and use blindfolds. The use of sensations in your scene can also make it special. Exposed genitals and anuses can be iced or smeared with tiger balm, oils, etc. Remember, however, when using oils and products with oils (like toothpaste) to keep them on the external areas only. Some oils can cause infection if they penetrate mucous membranes.


Piercing is another lecture altogether, but it is part of my geni play. I will not go into great detail about the process, but I use butterflying of genitals as a finale to genitorture scenes. The outer skin of cocks, and the labia may be pinned to a corkboard much like a butterfly is displayed by a collector. The scene can be elaborated upon by adding ribbons or bright strings woven between the needles. Nipple piercings may be attached to labia or cock piercings with strings or thongs. You can intensify the scene again by then using the vibrator on your sub's interior or masturbating a cock with your fingertips. Or you can weave the needles with flash string and set them on fire with a beautiful whoosh!

Finding evilly delicious ways to safely torture a partnerís genitals is fun and forces us to use our imagination. From as simple a scene as removing the leather cock ring that has been holding your hair in a ponytail and placing it tightly around a cock, to relentlessly stimulating a clit without release for hours, genitorture can be exciting for every playersí experience level. Find out what works for you and play safe.

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