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The Menstrual Slave-Boy

by taken ( taken@subhuman.org )

I would love to hear any thoughts or comments you have regarding this article. Please address feedback to:  taken@subhuman.org Thanks, and happy reading!

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During a particularly deep (and hot!) free-association talk with a lover about his sexual fantasies, I was somewhat surprised to hear him volunteer an intense interest in becoming my menstrual slave. After some probing questions, I realized that this was more than just a verbal fantasy for my lover, and that he wanted to serve as my menstrual slave during my period. "Umm, okay... where do I begin?" I thought to myself.

After some very carefully-constructed queries on several search engines yielded nothing but membership applications for sex sites, I decided to start from scratch. With limited time for research, I gave great thought to the subject and began to make preparations. The article and sample documents below are the result of my exploration of menstrual slavery with my lover.

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As with any exchange of body fluids, activity with the menstrual flow is to be approached with caution. Unless the submissive is absolutely certain that Mistress is free from HIV, hepatitis (in all its strains), and other STD's and blood-borne pathogens, I personally consider it VERY DANGEROUS to play with her menstrual blood. While HIV is a relatively fragile virus and dies quickly, hepatitis can linger in droplets of dried fluids for days! THINK ABOUT SAFETY BEFORE YOU PLAY.

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Why menstrual slavery?

What appeal does menstrual slavery hold? Many women grow up with the unfortunate experience of having been taught, either directly or by observation of others' reactions, that menstruation is to be regarded with fear, distaste, annoyance, or a combination of these reactions. For some women, this has tainted their view of a completely natural function of their bodies and sexuality, turning the menses into an ordeal to be dreaded rather than appreciated. And often, such an attitude transfers to the woman's partner. But by involving one's sub/slave partner, the menses becomes a special time between the two, whereby both Domme and sub/slave can come to understand, appreciate, and enjoy this part of her sexuality.

In order for you to get the most out of your slave, I think it's important to consider why you and/or he find it arousing, so that you can maximize your treatment of him. Here are some possible "draws" to menstrual slavery for your slave boy:

  1. Humiliation: Your sub/slave may find the humiliation of play with your soiled menstrual paraphernalia an intense reminder of how completely he is controlled by you.
  2. Intimacy: For many women, the menses is a personal time. Your sub/slave may find that the privilege of being allowed to participate in your period is a very intimate way for the two of you to connect.
  3. Worship of Femininity: The menses is wholly feminine. It's another affirmation of the glorious differences between the sexes. Most likely, your sub/slave adores these differences, revels in your femininity, worships it.
  4. Feminization: If your sub/slave enjoys being feminized, this is a way for him to live vicariously through you. (Suggestions on ways to involve your sissy-sub/slave are included later.)
  5. Blood Appeal: If you and your sub/slave enjoy blood sports, menstrual slavery is a natural extension of that interest.
  6. Mysticism/Taboo: In many cultures, the menses is mystical, possibly to the point that it is a cultural taboo. Our cycles correspond almost exactly to the phases of the moon; some cultures and religions hold that women become more powerful during their "moon time" or have supernatural abilities, and the blood of a menstruating woman may be considered sacred. Perhaps the spiritual aspect of your relationship may be explored through your sub/slave's menstrual servitude.

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Duties of the menstrual slave

What does a menstrual slave do? Hmmm... just about anything you can think of for him to do! Some ideas (season to taste):

  1. The slave will (after consulting with Mistress as to her personal preferences) purchase all pads, tampons, Midol, wet-wipes, douches, etc., that are required to care for Mistress during her period.
  2. The slave is responsible for attending to Mistress's personal hygiene during the duration of her period. This includes following Mistress (on hands and knees) into the bathroom when she uses it and will kneel before her as she uses the toilet. The menstrual slave will check, by sight and by questioning whether she feels the need to have her pads or tampons changed, how she desires to be cleaned (tongue, wash cloth, wet-wipes, douche, etc.), and checking to see if she needs new panties.
  3. If Mistress and her slave are in public (restaurant, theatre, etc.) when she uses the bathroom, the slave will follow her to the door of the bathroom, kissing Mistress's hand as a sign of respect, before she enters the bathroom. The slave will wait at the door of the restroom, until Mistress emerges, where he will greet her with another kiss of her hand. (Or substitute any other appropriate show of devotion.)
  4. Mistress's panties, if soiled with blood, are to be hand-laundered by the slave.
  5. The slave is to pay extra-special attention to Mistress's breasts and abdomen, and will tend to any discomfort she may be experiencing. The slave may suggest gentle massage, heating pads, ibuprofen, soothing drinks, etc. for Mistress's comfort.
  6. If Mistress keeps track of her period on a calendar or planner, it is the slave's duty to record the start date, end date, and make any daily notes regarding amount of flow, special pain or sensitivity Mistress feels, swelling or bloating, body temperature, menstrual headaches, moods, sexual energy, or any other special charting Mistress wishes to have recorded for medical or fertility purposes.
  7. If Mistress uses the birth control pill, she may require her slave to feed it to her daily at an appointed time.
  8. The slave will create a menstrual kit to be carried when away from home. The kit may include items such as pads, tampons, disposable douches, Wet Wipes, panties, K-Y or Astroglide and food dye (see #8 in Privileges/punishments section), red nail polish, a red ribbon or string, a red marker, Midol or ibuprofen, latex gloves if applicable, spare birth control (hormonal supplements) if applicable, spare hand towel, etc. This can be packed in a small duffel bag, diaper bag, or another bag with compartments. (A red bag would be fun!)
  9. The slave will keep his own special "period panties" to be worn during the duration of Mistress's period, out of respect for this special time.
  10. The slave will conduct online research into the menstrual cycle, to gain a better understanding of Mistress's health and menstrual experience. (See "Resources" for some URL's to get him started).
  11. Sheets and bedding will be cleaned by the slave. If Mistress enjoys blood play during her period, a rubber sheet may be used to keep the mattress from staining during sex and sleep.

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Privileges/punishments for your menstrual slave:

Depending on your personal viewpoint, and your sub's affinity or distaste for the following activities, these suggestions may serve either as privileges or as   punishments. Tweak these ideas to your liking:

  1. When attending to Mistress's needs in the bathroom, the slave will kiss the pad each time Mistress's panties come down. When Mistress uses a tampon, the slave will briefly suckle on the string.
  2. The slave will lick Mistress clean of blood (optional: and urine) when she is finished using the bathroom--or at any time of her spontaneous choosing.
  3. The slave will wear a red ribbon around his wrist during the entire duration of Mistress's period as a reminder to him of his position as Mistress's period slut. (If asked about this in public, the slave may make whatever explanation Mistress has told him to give--or better, leave it up to him to make an excuse. That's his worry, not Mistress's.)
  4. Mistress may mark her slave with her blood to remind him of his servitude. (A well-saturated tampon works well as a "magic marker"!) The forehead, chin, and lips are good candidates for such marking, as are the chest, abdomen, pubic mound, back, and buttocks.
  5. Mistress may collect her blood to be mixed into the slave's drink/food, or to be consumed by itself (see the Resources list for a device to collect menstrual blood).
  6. Mistress may give the submissive her used tampon to suckle as a pacifier or lollipop (or freeze it and serve it to him as a popsicle!).
  7. The slave may be gagged with Mistress's used pads (check first to make sure the lining is intact, so none of the padding is accidentally inhaled).
  8. Mistress may require her slave to have a "sympathy period." The slave wears pads in his underpants/panties, and/or tampons (lubricated, otherwise the cotton may stick and shred) in his ass during the duration of Mistress's period. Further, Mistress may choose to simulate menstrual flow in the slave by coating his cock and balls with honey, K-Y  or Astroglide, or similar sticky substances. (Bonus: add food coloring! Be careful about staining clothing in case of leaks.)
  9. The slave may be required to wear Mistress's own soiled pads and tampons.
  10. Mistress may have her period slut kneel before her used pads/tampons and masturbate to climax upon them. (Variation 1: the slave must then wear the pad/tampon.) (Variation 2: the slave must lick his cum from the pad/tampon.)
  11. For humor or humiliation, after using a pad, Mistress may carefully remove the pad and re-stick it upon the slave's body (the forehead is nice).
  12. The slave may be marked with a red pen or marker on the hand, arm, or other visible areas, to be worn in public. The marking may be a symbolic letter ("P" for period, punishment, privileged; "S" for sub, slave, or slut; etc.) or word ("bad," "good," etc.). For added intensity, write something explicit on the slave's upper arm, where it will be covered by a shirt sleeve while he is out, but has the delicious possibility of being discovered ("blood slut," "fuck toy," "period sissy," etc.).
  13. Mistress may choose to have her slave serve other BDSM friends who are experiencing their menses.  [NOTE: See WARNING above concerning safety considerations involved with blood play!!!]
  14. Mistress may send her slave out in public (to the store to buy tampons) with his mouth stuffed with a tampon. If the slave opens his mouth, he risks discovery.
  15. The slave may have to wash out used tampons to be recycled for Mistress to use on him.
  16. Mistress may paint one or all of the slave's toenails a bright blood-red to remind him of his servitude.
  17. Mistress may call her slave by special names during her period: blood slut, rag-head, red dick, Bloody Mary, etc.
  18. If the slave works outside the home, Mistress may request him to come home over lunch or dinner break to clean her and change her pads or tampons, and/or to undergo any humiliation she may enjoy watching. (Drop to his knees upon entering the apartment/house and masturbate while licking her bloody pussy, etc.)

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Suggested materials

  1. Obviously, whatever pads and/or tampons you use. You may want to jot these down on a note card for your slave if he is responsible for getting them at the store.
  2. Wet Wipes, Baby Wipes, or similar. When my slut wasn't cleaning me with his mouth, I found the Wet Wipes to be really handy. It doesn't dissolve upon contact with blood and fluids like toilet paper can, it's easily disposable, I felt cleaner, it was soothing, and it was pleasantly scented.
  3. Douches, if you use them.
  4. Stain-remover and Woolite (or another hand-wash detergent) so that your slave is equipped to wash out any blood-stained panties.
  5. An old, absorbent towel to protect furniture or carpeting from your blood while you're playing.
  6. A red ribbon, yarn, or thread with which to mark your slave during the duration of your period, if you so desire.
  7. K-Y, Astroglide, honey, or any other sticky substance with which you may wish to coat your slave's genitalia, if you choose to have him participate in a "sympathy period" with you. (See "Privileges/punishments," #8.) A few drops of red food dye are optional.
  8. A special duffel bag or other bag, if Mistress desires the slave to make a "period kit" for traveling.

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How to introduce your sub to menstrual slavery

Of course, you COULD just spring all of this on him, with no prior discussion. But in the opinion of the author, before trying something that may be totally out of his experience (he may not even have thought about it before), the loving thing to do is discuss his feelings about the matter. Especially where blood is concerned, he may have hard limits. Find out. If the idea appeals to him, probe deeper. Find out what he thinks would be especially erotic, and incorporate some of that into your play. After all... if he absolutely HATES every single minute of it... where's the fun for you?

Sometimes talking about the idea of menstrual slavery will add a delicious element of anticipation to the impending date of his Mistress's flow. If he doesn't already know your start date, you may wish to tell him, so he can faithfully keep track of the days until you start.

Conversely, if he doesn't know your start date, you may NOT wish to tell him. This makes the prospect seem a little more spontaneous, and you have the upper hand with the element of surprising him. Imagine coming home one afternoon (or having him come home) and saying "Come with me into the bathroom. No, on your hands and knees. Today is a special day."

My situation was similar to the one I just offered. My slut knew that he was going to be my period slave, but he didn't know my exact start date. While he was at work (I happened to be home all day), my flow started. I had a few hours to write a letter and make some plans for the scene which would occur when he walked through the apartment door after work. It went something like this...

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Sample scene: Introduction into menstrual slavery


I had already used one pad during the morning/afternoon, which I wrapped in saran wrap and put in the fridge to keep "fresh" for later use while I started another pad. I wrote my introductory letter and prepared the red thread that would be tied around his wrist for the duration of my period. I put the letter and thread in an envelope and left it on a chair I placed right inside the doorway, so he absolutely couldn't miss it when he came in from work. The outside of the envelope was marked, in bright red letters, "READ ME." A few minutes before he was to come home, I took the used pad from the fridge and went to wait for him in the bathroom. In those few minutes before he opened the door, I mentally ran through how I wanted to proceed.

The scene:

I heard the door unlock. I heard him opening the letter. There was absolute silence while he read the letter. It was positively delicious. I could practically *feel* him trembling with anticipation and anxiety, even in the other room. The letter read:


[page 1]

Read the enclosed letter.

If you agree, repackage these things in the envelope and bring it to me on your hands and knees...naked.

If you do not agree, call to me by name. We will discuss the reasons why you feel this way.

If you need time to consider, come to me, dressed and on your feet, with the envelope in hand.

Think about it carefully.



[page 2]

<name of sub or term of endearment>,

For the next several days, you will commit yourself to being my menstrual slave. Your purpose will be to pay homage to my womanhood as though it were your own, for I chose to share this with you. This is my gift to you, but it has a price. If you choose now to submit to this gift, then you accept the following duties which befit a period slut:

  1. You will accompany me to the bathroom at all times unless otherwise instructed. If we are in public, you will accompany me to the door of the ladies room, where you will kiss my right hand. You will wait there until I emerge, at which time you will greet my return with another hand-kiss.
  2. In the apartment, you will sit at my knee while I use the toilet.
  3. You will acknowledge your submission as my menstrual slave by kissing my pad each time my panties come down, or if I am wearing a tampon alone, by fetching the string with your mouth and suckling it briefly.
  4. It is the menstrual slave's duty to change my pads and tampons when I require clean ones, and to wash out my panties by hand.
  5. When I am finished at the toilet, you will clean me with your mouth unless otherwise instructed.

As my period slut, you may benefit from the following privileges at my discretion:

  1. You may be marked (either visibly or under your clothing when in public) by the blood of my womanhood upon your skin.
  2. You may be allowed to wear my pads in your panties.
  3. You may be allowed to wear my tampons in your slutty hole.
  4. You may be allowed to service me sexually as I bathe your cock with my menstrual blood.

My dirty-sweet one, I know this has been your fantasy for some time. Now we make it reality. You may find your service exciting, humiliating, or distasteful at different times--or perhaps concurrently. And you will share these feelings with me, for while you serve as my very own menstrual slave, your feelings, as well as your body, as mine.



A few moments later, I heard him disrobe. He came crawling into the bathroom as instructed, the letter tucked in his mouth. I sat on the toilet, in my bra and panties. I couldn't help but smile with affection for him--he looked so darlingly submissive. What followed went something like this:

"You read the letter, and you're here. Do you understand the terms of the letter?" He nodded. I went over his duties again, briefly, anyway. I wanted to make sure he knew exactly what he was in for, and precisely what I expected of him. I knew that he wanted this, but I also could sense from his posture and respiration that he was experiencing that wonderful mixture of intense arousal and tremendous anxiety.

I took the red thread from the envelope and held it before him. I patronized him just a little: "Do you know what this is for?" He did: he was to be marked. "And why do you suppose it's red?" He replied, "The blood, My Lady." I explained that during the entire duration of my period, he would wear the thread around his wrist as a symbol of this new dimension of servitude, and that it would remain there until I removed it. After it was tied, I looked into his eyes, then held him close for reassurance for a moment before I proceeded.

I took down my panties to my ankles. He looked up at me. "Go ahead," I said, pointing to the pad on the panties, and he knelt and kissed the pad. "Thank you, My Lady," he said. The quiver in his voice was precisely what I'd hoped for.

Next, I took the prepared pad (the one that had been in the fridge), and wrapped it around itself, blood side out. "Open your mouth." He opened his mouth beautifully, accepting the gag.

[If you gag your slave with your pad... watch his face as he orients himself to the full odor of your blood and secretions. It's marvelous.]

Stepping out of my panties, I ordered him to masturbate upon the pad while wearing the gag. While he was masturbating, I came around behind him and marked a large "S" for "slave" on his bare back with my blood (I took a Polaroid of it for him to view later during after play), telling him what a dirty, slutty sissy he was (obviously dirty talk is part of our play). It didn't take long for him to climax--hard!  *grin* I removed the gag pad from his mouth, and wrapped my arms around him, praising him for his performance.

Slapping him on the rump, I told him to go fetch a pair of his panties. I put the pad, on which he'd just masturbated, into his panties and told him that he would wear the pad until the next morning. I leaned close to him and whispered, "This time, you have a choice. You may clean me with your mouth, or with a warm wash cloth."

[Something to consider: the odor and taste of the gag, while pleasurable for him, may be intense the first few times. Following a gagging scene by demanding to be cleaned with his mouth may very well make him nauseated.]

He cleaned me with the wash cloth, changed my pad, and pulled up my panties. Affectionate praise and reassurance followed... he was emotionally and physically drained. But the preparation had been worth it. His initiation into menstrual slavehood had been one of our most mentally and emotionally intense scenes.

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Online resources for you and your slave

Below are links to various resources on the internet. The aren't links about menstrual slavery, but rather on the female reproductive system and cycle, reducing painful symptoms, products to try, etc. How much does your slave know about a woman's period? Have him find out!!! Places to start:

Nicely presented information about the menstrual cycle, including what happens in the woman's body during the entire cycle, menstrual customs and traditions of other cultures, fallacies, and remedies for alleviating cramps: Menstrual Cycles:: What Really Happens in those 28 Days?!

Do you want to collect your menstrual flow for your slave, rather than having it absorbed by a tampon or pad? Here's a device which will enable the blood to be collected: http://www.thekeeperstore.com/

A cute, simple site about the female reproductive system: http://onewoman.com/redspot/biology.html

General information index, including PMS, cramps, exercise, TSS (toxic shock syndrome), etc.: http://bodymatters.com/en-US/internationalSites/countrySelector.aspx

Q&A about the menstrual cycle from a homeopathic doctor ("What every woman needs to know about her flow"):

Information on natural (some re-useable) pads and tampons, and the hazards of synthetic tampons. This is a great source to check if you and/or your slave are particularly interested in the holistic lifestyle, alternative health, or environmental awareness: http://critpath.org/

Glad rags: Cute, natural, washable and re-useable pads! www.gladrags.com

Can you believe there's an online Museum of Menstruation??? (I couldn't either!) Humorous, snappy, and informative. Definitely worth having your slave look!: http://www.mum.org/

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--taken 7/14/99

(If you've enjoyed this article, please drop me a line! taken@subhuman.org )

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