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Breastfeeding and Induced lactation in the Age Play Mommy

by Little Lost Girl

I was recently asked about breastfeeding on an age play list that I enjoy. I really love breastfeeding adult kids and have a lot of experience with breastfeeding in general, so I thought I'd share my thoughts about it.

So how do you induce lactation?

I've taken some time out from it for the last few years, but I am planning on inducing lactation again. I've breastfed for over two years straight before, so inducing it again doesn't seem too challenging to me. The last time my partner was here for a few weeks it started to come in again just from his suckling.

Most of the time I see writing that talks about spending at least 30 minutes a day with an electronic breast pump and going off birth control pills if you happen to be on them. I've found the human mouth far superior to electric breast pumps, but I think some sites are shy about bringing that up because of the "taboo" of an adult partner enjoying the feeding. I totally agree with going off birth control pills if you want to give milk though, because I have found they at least sharply cut your chances of having a good production.

Breast massage and nipple stimulation of just about any type helps. I think it works best in a warm shower, especially if you include a "milking" motion. (That means you start WAY back on the breast rather than just pinching the nipple.) I know it sort of sounds new age like, but I find milk "drops" much faster if I think VERY nurturing thoughts and imagine the sounds of a crying child.

Getting really turned on helps too, that may sound strange but it isn't. The hormones released when you get turned on helps in milk flow also. That is why some women who breastfeed get all tense about getting really turned on during lovemaking, sometimes they accidentally hose down their partner with milk when they orgasm.

I think everyone will have their own psychological trigger that will help their milk come in. Whatever it is, sort of meditating on that while you go through your breast massage REALLY helps.

Some folks get a prescription for drugs that help to induce lactation, but I don't think I'd pursue that option because I'm not very fond of using chemicals unless I have to. I generally make sure that my nutrition is ultra good during those times that I try to bring milk back, since good nutrition seems to really contribute to the ability to give milk.

I'm thinking about using some soy products at the beginning this next time I induce, and then suddenly stopping. The increase in estrogen like substance followed by the sudden drop might make the process move along quicker. It can take months to bring in milk, so you have to be patient. Most women seem to be able to do it in 4 to 6 weeks, but don't give up if it doesn't happen that quickly.

The literature says women who induce lactation skip the colostrum phase, but I don't. I don't know why that is, but I always get colostrum first. I've checked with my doctor and I'm sure it isn't anything OTHER than colostrum, and they just sort of shrug and say that some folks are different.

The pre-milk (colostrum stuff) is pretty cool too though, and that comes in pretty quick for me. Colostrum reminds me of cooking oil. It stands in sharp contrast to my milk, which is a super super sweet type that sort of tastes like sugar milk. That might fall into the category of too much information, but I thought maybe you'd want to know the taste difference between those materials and that regardless of what the literature says colostrum CAN happen. If you aren't SURE that is what it is you might want to talk to a doctor though. I'd hate for someone to ignore a sign of cancer simply thinking that colostrum was leaking!

Why would a person want to do this with an adult partner?

Lots of reasons.

The first is that it is just a really nurturing experience. A primal sort of affection, tenderness, protectiveness, and bonding occurs when I breastfeed a partner. I suppose that isn't a surprise because nature sort of rigs us like that.

Another reason is pleasure. One of the hormones released by breastfeeding (oxytocin) is the same hormone that helps produce orgasm. A big source of guilt and fear in bio mothers who nurse can be that they actually orgasm from the sensation. That makes some bio moms quit because they think something is wrong with them, what they don't realize is their bodies are rigged to enjoy the sensation. Breastfeeding can be a real pain, so there had to be some built in incentives to make us go back and do it again! Ha!

For more info on oxytocin, you can go to: Hormone Involved In Reproduction May Have Role In the Maintenance of Relationships by UCSF

It almost makes up for the chapped nipples, nibbles, and dribbles that must be endured! It is a REALLY different sensation when you are feeding an AGE PLAY kid than a bio kid. Since I have a relationship where it is okay, I can actually explore and build on that natural situation to take it places I'd never take it in a REAL breastfeeding situation with a bio child and it is okay. For anyone that cannot understand how those things could be different, I invite them to think about the difference between a loving nurturing kiss you give to a child and the lust filled kiss you give to a lover. They may consist of SOME of the same things, but boy are they different and you'd never mix up the two!

Another reason that I enjoy breastfeeding an age play kid is that I am very fond of the idea of being "consumed" by a lover. This is one of the few acts that allow me to really actually FEED a lover myself.

On the flip side, I like being the one feeding too. I particularly like it when the woman I feed from (whether that "woman" be male or female or intersexed) has never been able to experience breastfeeding in another way. I like that loving release they feel when they have the need to be able to experience this "thing" that seems so nurturing and loving, but they've never had the chance. I've seen people's eyes fill with tears when they are finally allowed the experience they thought they'd never have. It is beautiful really, an intense bonding I can't explain. I tend to feed in a very nonsexual and regressive way. When I am the one breastfeeding an adult little it can go many ways. I tend to keep it nonsexual and regressive but will flow with any sexuality that seems to be natural to the adult little in that circumstance. Some can take a LOT of sexual content in that situation and some would be hurt if I introduced it. I follow their lead.

Yet another reason I like to give milk is that I find I'm much much more orgasmic and the orgasms seem much more intense when I'm breastfeeding. That goes back to oxytocin again!

Who do I do this with?

I think most folks would do this with adult babies who are open to this. I'd think a lot of those seeking it would be regressive in nature, but I'm not sure.

I have been involved in feeding age play kids from newborn to teens. I've also been involved in feeding Non age-play "vanilla" folks who just enjoy breast milk.

I've fed from males, females, and intersexed folks.

Milk does NOT have to be present for the experience to be fulfilling for me.

If someone NEEDS milk to be a part of it, but their partner can't give it for some reason I'd recommend nursing trainers. Good ones that I'd recommend are the Supplemental Nutrition System These products will allow the person to have the adult kid suckle and receive milk, even if it isn't their own at first. The suckling WILL increase the likelihood that soon they'll develop their own. These products are good for age play moms that just can't produce enough for their adult kid, too.

People with hysterectomies and stuff CAN breastfeed, since it is something the pituitary gland regulates rather than ovaries. So, don't let that stop you from trying.

It is also *possible* for a man to breastfeed WITH his own breast milk. It is pretty rare in our culture, but some men can give a little milk with extensive nipple stimulation. If you think I'm full of it go to Can men breastfeed?

Some folks will say that isn't possible, but I'd love for them to explain why almost every reputable book on babies points out that parent's shouldn't panic if they have a boy baby with enlarged breasts that give small amounts of milk due to exposure to the mother's hormones. It can happen, it just rarely happens. It may need hormones to happen, but it CAN happen.

From what I understand it is also talked about in a few books. If you have an interest in pursuing genetic male lactation you could try:

  • "Why Is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality " Jared Diamond [Why don't men breastfeed their babies. The non-evolution of male lactation] 1997
  • "Breast Feeding and Human Lactation,": Jan Riordan & Kathy Auerbach 1993
  • "Breastfeeding: a Guide for the Medical Profession," Ruth Lawrence 1989

I'd think genetic males would have an easier time of lactating if they DID take hormones, but I don't know if that has been studied or not. I have heard they have better success if they dissolve a tablet containing oxytocin under their tongue when their partner starts to suck on them. (That helps some women too.) The thing is, you have to get a prescription for that. La Leche League MAY help you with that, but I'm not sure.

If you've had surgery on your breasts, you might have trouble breastfeeding regardless of your gender. Women can USUALLY breastfeed after breast enlargement and stuff, but sometimes they can't.

What are some safety things to be aware of?

I wouldn't bind, put intense pressure on, or allow any intense impact to breasts that are being conditioned for lactation. On top of making it harder for milk to come in, it is easier in my belief to injure them. The breasts can become very HARD with milk, and whacking them is a very bad idea that might harm internal structures or make someone more likely to have a blocked milk duct.

If you take hormones to induce lactation I'm sure there are all sorts of cautions, but people would have to talk to their doctor about that.

Hormones DO shift during breastfeeding so some folks have weird shifts in sex drive and menstrual cycles. If I'm breastfeeding a lot I tend to no longer have periods and have a sex drive that shoots through the roof. I also need to use more lube though, because for some reason it causes a sort of... er... arid quality. I think that prolactin might be to blame for that. It is the part of the hormone cocktail of lactation that can kill libido.

Milk is obviously a body fluid too, so it is important to consider what may be transferred via that fluid. I tend to only do this with fluid bonded partners, and I think I'd be sure to check with breastfeeding resources and my doctor before deciding something "couldn't" be transferred via breast milk.

Other cautions are more like irritations. You can get chapped nipples. You can get CRACKED nipples. You can experience clogged milk ducts, which can become serious if you don't get it taken care of. La Leche League is the mother of all breastfeeding info in that regard. If you produce enough milk, you may have to wear a softer and more comfy bra with some pads to soak up any breast leakage. That is a pain because those pads show through thin blouses. It is also a pain when you DON'T wear the pads and you find yourself suddenly leaking down your shirt. That can be embarrassing.

If you are in transition from one physical sex to the other, you should consult the doctor helping you with it about how your transition may be impacted.

What is nursing an adult age play partner like?

In a word, WONDERFUL. As a mommy to an adult kid it is wonderful to feel the closeness and the contentment on the part of my partner and I.

It also just feels good. If you wonder what milk feels like when it comes out, that is sort of tricky to explain. It sort of depends on how much is coming out and how much you are producing. For me, it has mostly felt like my breasts are harder and more tender. They feel "full" and ache until I let someone feed. When the milk drops there is a sort of tingly feeling in my nipples and an urgent feeling. Then when a partner latches on it feels like a tremendous wave of pleasure and release. I can feel the breast becoming softer and less full. I feel liquid being pulled from me. There are also the pleasurable swallow motions of my partner. Aside from all the tenderness and love it inspires, it also tends to make me very physically excited and close to orgasm (or even on some occasions is responsible for orgasm).

As a little, it just feels comforting. I like the taste of flesh in my mouth. I haven't had a partner who gave milk, but I was able to suck on my own breasts when I nursed for over two years. I looked like a freak at the time because I was 120lbs with 40DD breasts, so it was possible and comfortable. I looked like I'd tip over though, hahaha. Now my breasts are a LOT smaller than that and I weigh more, so I think it would be a bit trickier now. Anyway, when I could feed from myself I enjoyed the super sweet candy quality of the milk. Aside from those things, in sexual age play it can be very erotic to give that constant stimulation to a partner in a situation where their "job" is mainly to accept the wonderful sensation.

Nursing an age play kid can be very rewarding, and inducing lactation can be a fun experiment. If you are interested in doing it, I suggest you spend some time reading up on current resources available on the web for women interested in inducing lactation. I also suggest calling La Leche League if you need help getting your breast milk to come in. I wouldn't suggest you go into the sexual interest in it, but rather stay focused on the actual breast milk production itself. Don't get discouraged if it takes awhile, the process should be an enjoyable one rather than a stress producer. I find that I get the best results when I'm not trying very hard and I'm simply enjoying the sensations of it.

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