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A Day With Mistress Connie as a Woman

By Slave Vicki (Victor) from Corporal Newspaper

Vol. 17 , No. 4 , 1994

Ms Connie as a Woman

I had read various articles and seen Mistress Connie's photos in a number of B&D publications. I wrote her a letter, became her postal slave and now, finally, I was driving down to Ft. Lauderdale to see my stern, beautiful Mistress and to spend the day with her. I'd explained to her in my letters about my uncontrollable foot and stocking fetishes and my cross dressing fantasies.

I'd also said I wanted our day together to be perfect and toward that end, I'd sent her money to set things up in advance of my arrival.

A thousand fantasies danced through my head and the anticipation of finally meeting my beloved Mistress face to face excited me unbelievably, during my drive down from Saint Augustine. I had no difficulty finding the turn off to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. I parked my car, walked to the South Terminal, found locker 316, and stood nervously in front of it as I'd been instructed. Twenty minutes (it seemed like hours) after I'd taken up my vigil, a gorgeous, young woman with silver-blonde hair and wearing a white chauffeur's uniform approached. "I'm Mistress Connie's driver" she said in a curt, business like manner. "Who are you?" "I....I'm Victor." I answered nervously. She said nothing. Looked at me with cold, blue, unblinking eyes. "I'm slave Victor" I amended my answer. "I think Mistress Connie is expecting me" A slight smile appeared on her lips. "Follow me slave" she said, turning and walking toward the glass doors. It was a distant pleasure following her.

The uniform fit like it was poured on and her flashing, high heeled, white boots were a foot fetishist dream come true. At curbside, the chauffeur opened the door of a white limousine with silver tinted windows... and I was face to face with the breathtaking Mistress Connie.

She sat on the far side of the plush, maroon leather seats. She was wearing a black, glove leather skirt and jacket, a dove gray (beautifully filled) sweater, gray hose and the most erotic pair of spike heeled, black patent leather pumps I'd ever laid eyes on, they were a foot fetishist dream come true. Her gleaming, black hair was even more striking than it was in her photos.

It was set off with a wide brimmed, black leather hat. Stylish, elegant clothes, nothing flashy, but , my God did they look sensuous and tantalizing on her. "Step in" she said, and I noticed her red, painted lips and the dark eyeglasses she was wearing. Her gorgeous legs were crossed and I noticed the hands that rested on her knee were tastefully bejeweled and graced by impeccably manicured, long, red nails.

"Mistress.....oh God Mistress Connie...even after seeing the pictures you sent me, I never dreamed you could be so beautiful!" I slid into the seat, not able to take my eyes off her. The door closed behind me and several moments later the car moved away from the curb. "Yes" she said. "Most men are entranced by my beauty. That's one reason I can do the things I do to them" She sat perfectly still, hardly moving a muscle. "Also, most men, mesmerized by my beauty and aware of my position as a Supreme Dominatrix," would find it uncomfortable to be sitting beside me as you've chosen to do."

"Yes....yes Holy Goddess....I'm sorry." I whimpered. I quickly slid off the seat and crouched on the floor." I'm truly sorry Holy Goddess. I...I just didn't know what was expected of me."

"Is that right?" The haughty Dominatrix said sarcastically. "Most of my slaves know without being told that their place is at my feet." She swung her leg up and held her spike heeled foot in front of my face. "Perhaps you disdain the traditional greeting of a slave for his Mistress. Perhaps you think you're too good to kiss your Domina's feet."

"No Mistress...oh God no" I blurted. I reached out and gently, reverently held the sides of the gorgeous shoe in my hands. "I've dreamed of paying homage to your beautiful feet since the first time I saw your pictures. Please...please Holy Goddess" I begged. "I know my place. I beg you to grant me the honor of touching my humble, slave's lips to your regal feet!"

"To my regal shoes, you mean slave" she said, smiling for the first time at my obvious excitement and my show of servility.

"You may relevantly kiss the toe of each shoe little lackey. But as for my feet...as for sucking the foot sweat through my hose and kissing my enticing, painted toes...we shall have to see how you behave on the very special, shopping trip I have planned for us today."

I remained there on the floor of the limo after I'd properly paid homage to the Queen. She seemed perfectly at ease with a man crouching there in front of her and I wasn't about to complain. Not with the thrilling view I had of her gorgeous, glamorous legs, encased in those shimmer, gray silk stockings. I could smell her perfume, mixed with the intoxicating odor of the soft, glove leather of her skirt. As we talked, she casually rested her leg on my shoulder. I'm sure it meant nothing to her but, as we turned a corner, her stocking sheathed calf would rub lightly over the side of my face. I swear to God, I've never been so excited in my life! We parked in the underground garage of a mall and the chauffeur (Mistress called her "Silver") opened the door for us. "Come along darling" Mistress said. "Leave your suit jacket and tie on the seat and follow me." "There's a cute, little shop in here that ells delicate, sexy underwear" she laughed. "For the larger, big boned women...or whomever."

Mistress Connie made no secret about who the white, lacy bra and panties and garterbelt were for that we picked out. There was no doubt about how humiliating it was for me but exciting at the same time. The same humiliation and shame I felt when my sister used to make me wear her underclothes and would touch and fondle me through the silken undergarments....and would, if I obeyed and amused her sufficiently, masturbate me to an orgasm.

"We'll take these and a pair of these lace top, white stockings." Mistress Connie told the snooty, fat salesgirl. "Get the prices off these then give them to him. He'll be wearing them home."

With that the salesgirl raised one hell of a scene. Before she finished, every lady in the store knew I was buying female undergarments and she insisted I couldn't change in the women's dressing rooms. "Just ring up the prices" Mistress Connie said in an ice cold voice. "This is expensive lingerie and I'm sure the owner doesn't want to lose the sale. I'll go in the changing booth with him and make sure he doesn't peer over the top."

The fat salesgirl gave in but every woman in the store had somehow managed to get a look at what I was buying and every eye was on us as Mistress Connie and I closed the curtain in the little dressing booth. With all that had happened and now with Mistress Connie only inches away from me, unbuttoning my shirt, unzipping and dropping my pants, I was about to explode with excitement. "Really darling." She laughed as she pulled down my underpants. "Just how do you think we're going to get these tiny, bikini panties on you with this sticking out that way?"

She treated the whole thing like a big joke. She even pulled two pads out of her purse to stuff in my bra. "There now, I did the undies for you. You finish getting your clothes back on while I pay the girl." She gave my rock hard cock a squeeze through the panties. "You better do something about this. I'll meet you 'back at the car."

Some how I snuck through the mall to the parking garage without being arrested. Mistress Connie and Silver were leaning on the fender of the car, waiting for me as I dodged in and out of the parked cars, trying to cover the conflicting bulges in my clothes. "So much for phase one." The Mistress laughed. "In the car baby, we got more shopping to do."

This time, after she was comfortably seated, I took my place at her feet without being asked. It felt right somehow to be in this position. Not only did I have a view of her gorgeous legs and high heeled feet but it testified to her status as a woman, as my superior, as my Dominatrix. As we drove along, Mistress Connie once again used me as a convenient foot stool, as she asked me more questions about my relationship with my sister Linda. I explained that Linda, who was three years older than I was, remembered far more clearly than I did the hard times we had when our father walked out on us. It left both mother and Linda with emotional scars and a bitterness toward males in general and toward me, because I was my father's son. I'm not a psychologist but it's not all that difficult to understand why I'm so drawn to women's high heels and hose. Linda, sensing I was just becoming aware of the opposite sex, came in my room one night, after a date and a few drinks, and began teasing and playing with me. It ended up by her flaunting her pretty legs in front of me, letting me look up her skirt, and giving me my first orgasm by using her high heel on my cock.

She took full advantage of the sexual power she had over me from that night on. I did anything she asked of me, including dressing up in her underwear for the amusement of her and her girlfriends. Mother never gave her approval of Linda's actions in so many words but I knew she was aware of what was going on and made no move to stop it. By not stopping what Linda was doing to me and, by not allowing me to date other girls, mother, my primary authority figure, actually forced me into the role of a sex slave for my older sister.

"A very wise mother." Mistress Connie said when I'd finish telling my story. "If more mothers raised their daughters to be dominate rulers and their sons to be passive submissives, the world would be a far nicer place in which to live." Mistress slid the toe of her shoe between my legs and rubbed my pants (and the satin panties beneath them) over my cock. "It feels so good, doesn't it baby? And in a few minutes we're going to see about making you into a pretty lady your Mistress can have fun with."

The next shop she took me into was in a little row of stores, not in the best of neighborhoods. I could tell the moment I walked in that it was there to serve toe transvestites and the B&D crowd. The striking, heavily madeup, over-dressed woman who greeted Mistress Connie by name was quite bizarre, but at least she wouldn't get in a tizzy, like the fat salesgirl at the other place, about a man wanting to wear women's clothes.

"Monique, this is slave Victor." The Mistress said, pulling me by my belt .up beside her, in front of the tall redhead. "As you can see..."

Mistress raised her hand and flicked it at the bulges in my shirt. ".'...We're in the process of converting slave Victor into slave Vicki. We've got him some nice undies and hose and now I'm looking for the sexiest high heels....spike heels....for our budding sex pot."

"You've come to the right place darling." Monique said, looking me over. I have the biggest selection of footwear, in the larger sizes, in town. "What color were you looking for Mistress Connie?" "I'm not sure." The Mistress said.

"But he's wearing white undies and stockings." She turned to me. "Show her Victor, take off your clothes." She then turned back to Monique.

"I think probably white, if you have them. And I want full, 5 inch heels for our pretty lady to be." I stripped down to my undies and stood beside my Mistress. "Cute, isn't he?" Mistress said, smacking my bottom. "He has a shoe and stocking fetish that just won't stop and he loves being bossed around by mean, dominant women."

Mistress ran her hands over my buttocks. "Let me ask you something Victor. Did big sister ever spank you when you didn't do things just the right way for her?" "Yes ma'am" I answered. "With her hands and sometimes with a belt." Mistress slapped me again, really hard this time, then gave me several more stinging slaps, until tears began to well up in my eyes. "Isn't that interesting" she said smiling.

"We'll have to explore this spanking thing later but now let's find you a pair of shoes."

I was trying my best to walk around in front of the ladies in a pair of white patent leather pumps with the thinnest, highest heels I'd ever seen, when the door opened and two women walked in. "Don't be shy Victor" Monique laughed. "Todd and Roger here have seen plenty of men in their undies before. Todd, Roger, this is Mistress Connie. She's picking out a new pair of heels for her sex slave Victor. Don't you think these are just right for him?" "Lovely" said the taller of the two.....men? "Butthose sexy, five inch heels. Aren't they hard to walk in darling?" "He wears what I like to see him in" Mistress Connie said before I could answer. She gave me another slap on the rear and ordered me to get dressed then put the heels back on. The other three laughed, then vent on about their business, while I got dressed. When we got back in the car, Mistress Connie latted the seat beside her and invited me to sit here.

"They look much nicer." She said looking down at my new heels. "Now we're going to a fancy, big mall, where we'll buy you a dress, avig and have your makeup and nails done by a real professional."

"Oh Mistress.....Mistress please. Do I have to walk through a big mall?" I touched the bumps t.hat pushed out my white shirt. "I have this wadded bra and...and these stiletto heels but...but I look like a man....and I'm wearing a man's shirt and pants." Yes" she said smiling. "It'll be quite a humiliating trip for you through the mall won't it? Teetering along on those wild, five inch heels with your new breasts jutting out in front, but dressed like a man. Extremely humiliating but then you know from my letters and the articles I've written that I adore humbling and degrading the lowly male." She rubbed her hand over my crotch. "I enjoy using my power to twist and manipulate men." Her hand found my cock. "Do you have a problem with that Victor?"

I shook my head and managed a weak "no ma'am" as I arched my body up to feel more of her wonderful, feminine hand. My walk through the mall was every bit as embarrassing as I thought it would be. The only thing that somewhat took my mind off the caulking laughing shoppers was my intense on those thin. sky high heels. Strangely though, once we found a dress I could wear and after the beautician had given me new fingernails, a really lovely makeup job and a long, blonde wig, as we left the mall, I was able to walk in those same heels with little or no difficulty. I stood up straighter, enjoyed the appreciative glances of the passing men and even began to swing my hips a bit more than necessary as we walked to the car. Mistress Connie noticed the change in me and had to laugh. "Quite a difference, isn't it? From walking around, as just another dull, uninteresting male to flaunting a woman's body and watching all those men drooling over you." As we got it the car, she again let me sit beside her. "You're feeling just a tiny bit of the power a beautiful woman can exert over the inferior male.

I can hardly blame you males for wanting to wear women's clothes and tasting just a bit of our power." She smiled as I crossed my legs and she arranged my plum colored skirt prettily over my knees when I'd finished.

"Unfortunately, dressing like a woman doesn't give you anywhere near the awesome, unholy power that real women, like your sister and like myself, can bring to bear on the hapless males that happen to fall into our clutches. But enough about that. You've had a rather tiring shopping trip and I want you to relax while Silver drives us to my favorite place on the ocean for a late lunch." Mistress uncrossed her legs, lifted herself slightly off the seat and swept her skirt up under her, all the way to her thighs. "There now." She sat back down and patted the most beautiful, silk stockinged thighs I'd ever seen in my life. "I want you to stretch out on the seat and put your head right here on my lap and rest after your hectic shopping trip."

"I've got to tell you. The sight of those round, succulent thighs was so exciting...so enticing, that I could barely deep myself from plunging my face between them. "Your head Vicki darling." The Mistress said. Bringing me back to reality. As I arranged myself on the seat, Mistress Connie slipped off her leather jacket, and now I was not only looking at her gorgeous thighs but her big, beautiful breasts pressing out against the thin, gray sweater! I've spent a lot of money in my life in search of peace and happiness and pleasure but never....NEVER.....have I found such pleasure as I found that afternoon, cruising along in that sleek limo, dressed from head to toe in soft, sensuous silks and satins, with my head cradled between those breath taking thighs, looking up at a pair of tightly sweetened breasts that would drive any man mad. And...it got better.

Mistress took off her sunglasses, looked down at me, talked softly to me and began running her hand up my dress and between my legs. Somehow she knew exactly, to the second, when to stop manipulating my bulging, swollen cock. Five, six, seven times she brought me to the very edge of orgasm then broke it off. She brought her breasts down and rubbed them in my face, turned my face to let me lick and kiss her thighs....then rolled me off on to the floor. "We're almost there darling" she said, rearranging her skirt and crossing her legs. "You look a bit flushed. Get yourself together dear. We want to make a spectacular entree when we strut in wearing all our finery. And Vicki, while we enjoy the best seafood in town, enjoy the lovely, ocean view...we'll talk about all the fun games we're going to play when we get home.

Oh yes. I forgot to tell you. My sister Irene, a very beautiful if exceedingly dominant woman, will be stopping by to join in on the fun. I'm sure the three of us are going to have a marvelous time together."

I'm not going to tell you what went on that evening but I'll tell you this. If you long to have your very own, sexual fetishes and fantasies brought to reality, you must....MUST...write and establish contract with the fabulous Mistress Connie. If she accepts you as one of her adoring sex slaves, you can visit her brand new dungeons in Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.. Mistress Connie and her sister also make four trips a year up the East Coast. Let me tell you how impressed I was with my visit. If I but one day left to live, I'd beg Mistress Connie, the Supreme Sex Goddess, to spend it with her. And I truly mean what I say! For her color photo and more information, send Mistress Connie your fantasy with $20.00, age, photo and a full size S.A.S.E

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