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The Night Before Hanukkah

Twas the night before Hanukkah, we were all in a group
With grandma in the kitchen making matzah ball soup
The stockings were hung 'neath the menorah with care
In hopes that St. Nicholstein soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of gefilte fish danced in their heads
My wife in her prayer shawl and I in my yarmulkah
Had just settled down for a nice quiet Hanukkah.

When there came such a noise that it shook the menorah
There were deer on the roof, they were doing the hora.
With all this commotion I woke from my nap
To see in my living room a big fat schlap.

He was dressed all in red from his head to his toes
And the brightest of all was his big red nose
You know Santa reminds me of my great uncle Meyer,
When he came down the chimney and landed in the fire.

He left us a gift in a big purple box,
Then sat down to nosh on some bagels and lox.
All I could do was to sit there and look,
And say to myself "this guy is mashoog"

Santa had to be going; he couldn't stay up late,
He's got a Bar Mitzvah starting at eight.
We both heard him say as he started on home,
"Happy Hanukkah to all and to all a Shalom".