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Strange and Weird Articles from the News

I received an email with this information, and thought that it should be posted.

Kids Growing Up Fast
Three times during the last two months of 1999, a parent passed away unexpectedly, leaving a small child alone in the house to figure out what to do next. Travis Butler, 9, Memphis, Tenn., went to school as normal for a month, trying to hide his mother's body because he feared being put in a foster home.

Lydia Hanson, 7, Peabody, Mass., told her teacher the next day of her mother's death, but the teacher just shrugged, forcing the girl to spend another night caring for the body before finding a grown-up to believe her.

Karina Pistorio, 4, Oklahoma City, attempted to nurse her dead father through the Christmas weekend before the police came, having been called by her father's friends concerned that he was missing.

(No foul play is suspected in any of the deaths.)

Barbed Wire

( Wireless Flash) -- A Los Angeles-area restaurant has added an erotic kink to fine dining.

The eatery -- called "Dungeon Masters" -- resembles an S&M dungeon and features a menu filled with erotic-sounding recipes such as:

"Lewinsky's Dress." It's angel hair pasta, marinara sauce, mushrooms and clams.
"Penis Pasta Salad" made out of penis-shaped pasta.
"Muff pie," which consists of fried mozzarella topped with a phallic shaped roasted pepper.

"Carlos," the maitre-d and chef for the erotic diner, admits the names of the dishes may be in bad taste but the food isn't.

If business is good, Carlos says he hopes to franchise his kinky restaurant around the country.

Barbed Wire

(Wireless Flash) -- A Los Angeles company has invented a compound that supposedly helps gay men attract other men.

The liquid -- called "N10Z" ("intense") -- is splashed on like a cologne and contains synthetic human pheromones which are those chemicals that supposedly communicate sexual interest.

Although the mixture smells just like rubbing alcohol, the inventors claim it's received rave reviews from gay men who've tested it.

Company spokesman Shane Nelson says some of the guys claim it even helps attract straight men -- but he figures they're just bragging because there's no evidence that same-sex pheromones work on heterosexuals.

Right now the N10Z compound only works on gay men, but the company may produce a similar product for lesbians in the future.

Barbed Wire

The president of Oklahoma City's Fraternal Order of police told reporters in November that the six recent incidents of on-duty sexual misbehavior by officers is attributable to "stress" emanating from their anguish working in the aftermath of the 1995 bombing of the Murrah federal building.

Barbed Wire

Born-again Christian David Strein, 44, announced in November that he would appeal his 1998 dismissal from a New Mexico state government job for misusing his computer because he was actually powerless to stay away from Internet pornography. Strein contended that after he first discovered online porn, "Satan told me to check it out some more." Also, said Strein, once at a porn site, he was trapped on a virtually endless loop of sex sites that had taken over his c***.

The lawyer for a former Fort Lauderdale, Fla., phone-sex worker told reporters in November that he had won a workers' compensation settlement for his client based on her claim of carpal tunnel syndrome due to masturbating on the job as much as seven times a day. Steven Slootsky said his client accepted the settlement to avoid the embarrassment of testifying, even though the money is not enough to reimburse her for the surgery she required on both hands.