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SUBJECT: New Secret Weapon

Here's a good idea for a new secret weapon. This is a Win-Win idea, it will help win the War on Terrorist and help Iowa Farmers.

What we do is design a small air drop crate and parachute. Go around Iowa and buy up all the piglets that can be found. Put little coats on them with a "Osama Sucks" sticker, written in Arabic of course. Air drop these little dudes by the thousands all over Afghanistan. The Moslems will go crazy, they can't even tough a pig, or they will not get to see Allah when they die. It'll be "pigs everywhere", in their tunnels, mosques, huts, homes, etc... Why even the pig poop will contaminate the country side for years to come. This will cause such chaos, the Special Operations Troops can come in, mop up and have a baby back rib BBQ with the remaining Christians in country and come home.

It will be known as Operation Iowa Pig Drop (OIPD).

Courtesy of The Daily Giggle for October 12, 2001.