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Subject: How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to replace a light bulb?

The Answer is SEVEN:

  1. One to deny that a light bulb needs to be replaced.

  2. One to attack and question the patriotism of anyone who has questions about the light bulb.

  3. One to blame the previous administration for the need of a new light bulb.

  4. One to arrange the invasion of a country rumored to have a secret stockpile of light bulbs.

  5. One to get together with Vice President Cheney and figure out how to pay Halliburton Industries one million dollars for a light bulb.

  6. One to arrange a photo-op session showing Bush changing the light bulb while dressed in a flight suit and wrapped in an American flag.

  7. And one to explain to Bush the difference between screwing a light bulb and screwing the country.