Welcome to Fetish Alliance

Blackboard Lessons

By: Norische

  • I will not use Mistress's bra as a sling.
  • I will not goose Mistress when she isn't looking.
  • I will not make funny noises when Mistress is on the phone.
  • I will not call Mistress's underwear "granny panties".
  • I will not expel gas and blame it on Mistress.
  • I will not make up cutesy names for Mistress's whips, floggers, or paddles.
  • I will not put Mistress's blindfold on the Cat.
  • I will not try and give away any of Mistress's toys.
  • I will not giggle and yell "Quit Tickling" while Mistress is flogging me.
  • I will not participate in belching contests with other subbies.
  • I will not hide the remote from Mistress.
  • I will not snore while scening with Mistress.
  • I will not drool when we go into the leather shop.
  • I will not yell "Hail Satan!" when Mistress orders me to do something.
  • I will not say "Oh yeah! You and what army" to Mistress.
  • I will not starch Mistress's bra.
  • I will not drop kick Mistress's cat.
  • I will not use Mistress's hairbrush to kill bugs of any kind.
  • I will not poke Mistress and say "Oh! Oh! Oh!" when we pass a sale rack in Wal-Mart.